C1 Advanced (CAE)

C1 Advanced (CAE)

C1 Advanced (CAE) Cambridge English is an exam that allows a candidate to study at a university in an English speaking country. It is recognized by all tertiary education institutions in the UK and numerous colleges and universities in the United States. Detailed information on Cambridge English recognition is available here. The C1 Advanced certificate is valued by universities, international corporations and government institutions.

C1 Advanced (CAE) exam dates

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C1 Advanced (CAE) exam fee

C1 Advanced
education package: course+exam

paper-based version (PB)
760 PLN

C1 Advanced
education package: course+exam

computer-based version (CB)
770 PLN

About C1 Advanced exam

C1 Advanced exam certifies the candidate’s C1 level according to the CEFR scale
⦁ it tests reading comprehension at a pace that allows the candidate to participate in academic courses; it testscomprehension of complex ideas, the ability to write clear andelaborate texts, to produce fluent and accurate utterances, and to communicate in a variety of social, professional and educational environments using the English language

C1 Advanced (CAE) exam format

⦁ Reading & Use of English: 90 minutes
⦁ Writing: 90 minutes
⦁ Listening: 40 minutes
⦁ Speaking: 17 minutes

CAE sample test

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C1 Advanced outline

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CAE Speaking outline

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The benefits of having C1 Certificate

  1. C1 Advanced is a prestigious exam that confirms English proficiency at C1 level. It is valued by a number of employers and universities.
  2. C1 Advanced certificate validity does not expire
  3. If you study a foreign language in order to pass C1 Advanced exam, your effort makes sense. Your language goal carries you through all the language skills directly to a success: mastering your English, and at the same time the possibility of gaining a prestigious C1 Advanced Certificate.