B2 First / B2 First for Schools (FCE)

B2 First (FCE) / B2 First for Schools (FCE fS)

B2 First (FCE) is the third subsequent exam among Cambridge English Qualifications exams.
It is available in two versions: for children and adolescents – B2 First for Schools and for adults – B2 First.
B2 First Certificate is a certificate of English proficiency at the B2 level according to the CEFR scale.

B2 First / B2 First for Schools exam dates

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B2 First / B2 First for Schools exam fee

B2 First/B2 First for Schools
education package: course+exam

paper-based version (PB)
725 PLN

B2 First/B2 First for Schools
education package: course+exam

computer-based version (CB)
735 PLN

About B2 First (FCE)/ B2 First for Schools (FCE fS) exam

  • B2 First is dedicated for candidates whose language level is B2 according to the CEFR scale
  • it tests the ability to understand main ideas in a complex text, discuss a variety of topics, express one’s own opinions and arguments, write an elaborate text, express in writing a point of view as well as discuss arguments for and against. In addition, B2 First examines the correctness and variety of lexical and grammatical structures used by a candidate

B2 First (FCE) exam format

B2 First (FCE) consists of the following components:

  • Reading & Use of English: 75 minutes
  • Writing: 80 minutes
  • Listening: 40 minutes
  • Speaking: 16 minutes

B2 First (FCE) is also available as B2 First for Schools, which covers topics adjusted to the interests of school students.

FCE sample test

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B2 First outline

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FCE Speaking outline

Documents on FCE to download

The benefits of having B2 First Certificate

  1. B2 First (FCE) is a prestigious exam that confirms English proficiency at B2 level. It is valued by a number of employers and universities
  2. B2 First (FCE) validity does not expire
  3. If you study a foreign language in order to pass the B2 First exam, your effort makes sense. Your language goal carries you through all the language skills directly to a success: mastering your English, and at the same time the possibility of gaining a prestigious B2 First Certificate
  4. B2 First certificate is recognised in Poland and worldwide by universities (you may need it for Erasmus programme) and employers (ministries, offices, corporations) and meets B2 language qualifications