Prepare for IELTS

At Lang LTC, you can prepare for IELTS in many ways.

Free preparation with IDP IELTS experts

  • Webinars prepared by the co-creator of the test – IDP IELTS. These are available in three online workshop formats, all conducted live with active participation. Read more in the post below.
  • Downloadable Test samples on our website
  • Mobile app with IELTS preparation with and test assignments

Preparation in Lang LTC and IDP IELTS

  • IELTS EXPRESS or individual short online courses launched on demand. These courses provide specialized teacher-led preparation.
  • IELTS Speaking Practice – a session with an expert to prepare you for the oral part of the test.
  • IELTS Progress Test – the official IDP test to check your level of preparation for the test

You can learn more on our blog. Feel free to explore and get ready for your IELTS journey.