IELTS Pre-Testing – see if you are IELTS ready with IELTS mock exam

Make sure you are IELTS ready!
IELTS Pre-Testing –
simulation of real IELTS test


IELTS Pre-Testing is a full mock version of the real Paper-Based IELTS test.
It’s not an official exam, but a simulation which follows all examination procedures, includes the same task types, is asseseed in the same way and by the same examiners as the actual IELTS test. IELTS Pre-testing consistsof Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules.

Pre-Testing offers unique opportunity to get familiar with the exam format and check your language proficiency before taking IELTS test. 

ATTENTION – Number of seats is limited!



When and where?

March 13 2024 (Wednesday) and March 15 2024 (Friday) at Lang LTC – Official IELTS Examination Center, Al. Jerozolimskie 133


Pre-Testing is free of charge, but the candidates are required to pay a reservation fee of  150 PLN.
This amount will be deducted from your IELTS test fee when you register for the actual exam with our examination centre by the end of 2024.  


Candidates will receive their Pre-Testingu results via email within one month.
Pre-Testing will be assessed by qualified IELTS examiners in Cambridge. Candidates will receive approximate scores for each skill and an overall approximate band score.  
Pre-Testing band scores do not guarantee that the candidates achieve the same or similar results in the actual IELTS test.  


Thanks to IELTS Pre-Testing:

  • You’ll find out how IELTS test is conducted – you’ll learn all the procedures and regulations
  • You’ll get to know IELTS task types – no question type will surprise you anymore. 
  • You’ll verify your language level – Pre-Testing is assessed the same way as actual IELTS, so you’ll find out if you’re ready for the exam; perhaps you still need to work on your Writing or Speaking skills? Pre-Testing will give you an answer to that.  
  • You’ll save money – you receive two examination services for the price of one – the Pre-Testing reservation fee will be deducted from the price of your IELTS test

You can find IELTS Pre-Testing Regulations HERE