Computer-delivered IELTS

Test takers at our Test Centre can choose to take their test:

  • in traditional way, on paper – Paper Based (PB),
  • Computer Delivered (CD) – computerized, you write the test on a computer

In both variants, the Speaking part takes place in traditional form, i.e. with a certified IELTS examiner for the computer-delivered IELTS..

Computerdelivered testing is available for both IELTS Academic and General Training.

Computer-delivered IELTS video tutorial:

There are many advantages of this format outlined below:

The same price – both IELTS PB and CD fee is 885 PLN.

Increased number of test availability up to 4 times a week – there are more dates and times you can take IELTS at our centre. More test availability will provide more flexibility for test takers and could help with planning and for meeting deadlines for a variety of things, including submitting applications for work, school, immigration, and more.

Faster results – another advantage of the taking IELTS on computer is that test results will be available quicker compared to the paper-based test. The results will be available within 3-5 days after taking the test. Currently it takes 13 days to get results for the paper-based test.

No more messy writing – one concern we have heard from some who take the IELTS test is worrying about messy and hard-to- read handwriting. That may be a relief for many people!

Good quality listening – you will be using headphones in the Listening part. The headphones eliminate external noise and enable you to adjust the volume. Nothing will disturb you in this part of the test!

Choices – even though the computer-based test is being rolled out, you can still choose to take the paper-based test or a computer-delivered one

IMPORTANT! The computer-delivered test will be the same as the paper-based test. The only difference is that you use a computer for your test rather than using paper and a pencil!

Keep in mind that the Speaking test will continue to be done face-to-face with a certified IELTS examiner for the computer-delivered IELTS.

Frequently asked questions

Test Takers Brochures

Should I take IELTS on paper or computer?

This comes down to personal choice. You may be used to taking exams on paper from this other exam situations you have experienced, whereas other people might feel more comfortable typing or have more experience taking tests on computer. Information on both options is available on and you can contact us: