Nowa edycja kursu CELTA ONLINE


  • The most internationally recognized English Language Teaching certificate in the world.
  • Quality control – the highest standards assured by Cambridge English Language Assessment.
  • It’s a fusion of theory and practice – combines a practical approach to methodology and extensive supervised teaching practice.
  • CELTA is NOT an exam or test. You obtain a certificate after completing the course once you have met all the Pass criteria.
  • The online course follows the same Syllabus as the face-to-face course and the certificates are identical. The mode of delivery (f2f or online) is not mentioned on the certificate.

Everyone! It was originally intended as an introductory course for people with little or no previous English language teaching experience or training. However, its unique blend of theory and practice, especially the teaching practice component, make it ideal for the novice and the expert alike. Whether you are looking to brush up on your skills, reinvigorate your career or start a new chapter, the CELTA is for you!

It will give you the skills and confidence to teach English to adults whether you’re a recent graduate or looking for a career change or a seasoned professional.

Our candidates represent a variety of professional, age, ethnic and national groups. This course is a great option for:
  •  C1+/C2 users of English looking for a career change & thinking of teaching English
  •  Experienced & new teachers of English and other foreign languages
  •  College/university students who want to start teaching but lack practical preparation
  •  Experienced teachers looking for inspiration and guidance
  •  Experienced teachers fighting professional burnout
  •  Freelance teachers hungry for guidance and  feedback
  •  (Very) Young Learners teachers who want to start teaching adults
  •  Edupreneurs and freelancers who want to become more competitive when teaching online
  •  Language school owners who want to upgrade their own teaching skills


Work during the week and do the course on weekends (Sat, Sun)!

CELTA is the international Cambridge Teaching qualification that comes with career opportunities around the world!

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